Strands of Love Can You Swim With Hair Extensions Blog Post

Yes, you can.. but… before you do, you need to follow my steps if you want your hair extensions to survive the chlorine and salt in the water.

I love swimming! There is no better feeling than jumping into a cold swimming pool on a hot summers day with your head underwater, breaking through the surface thinking you are in a Hollywood movie. After that relaxing swim, walking out of the pool or the ocean with your long locks draping down your back thinking;  ”you’ve got this girl”.  Is this not why you got your extensions in the first place? 😉

Here are my holiday hacks for keeping those locks looking fresh after every swim, and most importantly, not taking too much strain.

Let’s first get one issue out of the way. Chlorine and sea salt are not good for any type of hair, not your own hair and not for your hair extensions.

Hack No. 1:  Before you leave the house or go for a swim, put a leave-in conditioner on your hair. I use SōL conditioner as I know and live by this product, and is 100% chemical-free. I also use an Argan or hair oil, to make sure every hair cuticle is sealed, so that salt and chlorine cannot penetrate my cuticles. Moisture locked!

Hack No. 2:  After my swim session, hair hanging down my back… YES, you heard right, loose hair, no ponytails, I go rinse my hair with clean water. (I will get to that a bit later in Hack No. 4) ….so, as I am walking slowly and gracefully with my two left feet (yip, I am clumsy) straight towards the outside showers, I go rinse the salt or chlorine out of my hair. This is good for your skin as well, by the way. If there are no nearby showers, don’t worry, you can do it when you get home.

Hack No. 3:  Shake your extensions loosely with your fingers to prevent your hair from forming knots and drying that way. Re-apply hair oil or leave-in conditioner and let your hair air-dry naturally.

Hack No. 4:  Back to my theory about swimming with your hair loose. I made the mistake many moons ago while going for a proper wave hunting at Ballito beach with my hair tied back in a slick ponytail, and no products to protect my hair. That evening my hair had knotted around the elastic hair band and the salt made my hair hard. I had to cut the elastic out of my hair, in the process breaking some of my hair and extensions, as I sat with a big scary knot underneath the elastic.

Ever since that day, I have never swum with my hair tied up again. A loose plait can work if you are scared that your extensions will be all over the place, but in my experience, rather let it hang. If you like diving and are planning a dive trip, my best advice would be to leave those beautiful locks at home, and install them again when you know you have all your TLC products nearby.

Hack No. 5: Another important, if not the most important rule, you have to promise me that you will keep, is to never ever sleep, or even lie down for a nap, with wet hair extensions! Your hair will look like “Fiela se kind” re-surfaced. Rather let your beautiful locks air-dry with freshly applied oil, and before it is nap time, make sure your extensions are dry, and in a plait or bun. This is probably the best tip I can ever give you.

 My own locks last months without any knotting or breakage, all because I have tested methods and products. You too can enjoy your locks without any hassles.

 Now, get off your butt, and enjoy your swim without the worry of your hair 😉

Julien Snyders

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