Brave to Love Fashion Tape Extension - Lavender

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Brave to Love is the official charity Strands of Love supports. Brave to Love is a non-profit organization, loving women through charitable and welfare programs, outreaches, restoration programs, training and social development.

All proceeds of the PURPLE and LAVENDER single tape-in extensions will go to Brave to Love.

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Why the colour purple?

The color purple is a rare occurring colour in nature and as a result is often seen as having sacred meaning. Lavender, orchid, lilac, and violet flowers are considered delicate, feminine and precious just as us women. In the meaning of colours, purple also represent the future, the imagination and dreams to symbolize the hope we have for a safe future for us as women. 

Colour: Lavender

Style: Straight

Type: 100% Russian Remy Hair

Weight: 2.5g/tape


Package Consists of: One single tape-in extension 


Directions for installing the hair:

  • Install the single tape on freshly washed hair. 
  • Take a small 2cm section of the natural hair that has the same volume as half a tape.
  • Peal the paper off the tape.
  • Place the left 2cm of the tape underneath the natural hair with the sticky side facing upwards.
  • Fold the right side over the left side to make a sandwich with the natural hair in the middle.
  • Take a flat-iron and place the heat for 2 seconds on the tape sandwich.
  • Rub and press tightly with your fingers.

A tape sandwich using 2 tapes on top of each other must be installed professionally by a trained hairstylist or extensionist.

Removing the tape is done by applying surgical spirits in between the tape sandwich.

Each tape can be re-taped and re-used.

Re-taping and re-installations can be done at your nearest Strands of Love salon.

Fashion colours do wash out over time. The tape-in hair can be coloured the same colour or darker at your nearest salon. Never colour or bleach the tape-in hair to a lighter colour as this will damage the hair.

Wash the tape with Strands of Love recommended products only.


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