Brave to Love Fashion Tape Extension - Lavender

R 119

Brave to Love is the official charity Strands of Love supports. Brave to Love is a non-profit organization, loving women through charitable and welfare programs, outreaches, restoration programs, training and social development.

All proceeds of the PURPLE and LAVENDER single tape-in extensions will go to Brave to Love.

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Colour: Lavender

Style: Straight

Type: 100% Russian Remy Hair

Weight: 2.5g/tape


Package Consists of: One single tape-in extension 


Directions for installing the hair:

  • Install the single tape on freshly washed hair. 
  • Take a small 2cm section of the natural hair that has the same volume as half a tape.
  • Peal the paper off the tape.
  • Place the left 2cm of the tape underneath the natural hair with the sticky side facing upwards.
  • Fold the right side over the left side to make a sandwich with the natural hair in the middle.
  • Take a flat-iron and place the heat for 2 seconds on the tape sandwich.
  • Rub and press tightly with your fingers.

A tape sandwich using 2 tapes on top of each other must be installed professionally by a trained hairstylist or extensionist.

Removing the tape is done by applying surgical spirits in between the tape sandwich.

Each tape can be re-taped and re-used.

Re-taping and re-installations can be done at your nearest Strands of Love salon.

Fashion colours do wash out over time. The tape-in hair can be coloured the same colour or darker at your nearest salon. Never colour or bleach the tape-in hair to a lighter colour as this will damage the hair.

Wash the tape with Strands of Love recommended products only.