About Us

Strands of Love Hair Extensions is run by a team of passionate women who just LOVE LOVE LOVE hair!

We love our hair so much, we ourselves wear and flaunt it every day. Having confidence in your own brand is key, and having a brand that is loved by so many, who cannot be, but in love!

Strands of Love wants to help you look and feel your most beautiful self with long, full, beautiful and healthy hair.

Our hair is soft, shiny and natural looking, with colours that blend and bonding that is not detectable, to give you confidence that is unstoppable. Your hair is like the crown you never take of.

Strands of Love supply hair extensions to the top salons in the country. We have over 3000 qualified hair stylists on our books, and they are ready to give you the make-over you have been waiting for.

To get in contact with a registered salon, send a WhatsApp to 0836198975 with your NAME and AREA and our team will send you the contact details of hair salons in your area that stock Strands of Love hair extensions. Visit our contact page for alternative contact options.

Remember to send us a selfie with your lovely new locks.

Be in LOVE, be Strands of Love


Strands of Love human hair comes from Eastern Europe.

We import our hair from a factory in Eastern Europe and are proud to say that we have the exclusive rights for Africa to import from this factory.

We love European hair as it is consistent with most hair types and therefore blends well with all hair types.

The quality of Eastern European hair is higher than Indian hair. Indian hair breaks when bleached, as the hair shaft is too fine and frail, in contrast to Chinese hair that is courser in texture and therefore often over-processed.

Most of the time Natural European hair is lighter in colour, therefore dying the hair blonde is not as harsh on the hair as dying naturally dark hair (Indian or Chinese hair) to lighter colours. Because of this, our blonde hair lasts longer than other hair.

Strands of Love hair extensions is dyed via a cold dye process, as opposed to being boiled to cut the dying process shorter. With the cold dye process, the cuticle stays intact without breaking or losing its nutrients.

Due to the cold dye process, the hair remains in its pure Remy form. Remy refers to the hair cuticle layer being intact and aligned, thus the cuticles are not damaged and run in the same direction as natural hair. Remy hair does not tangle the way human non-Remy and fibre / synthetic hair does.

Strands of Love hair extension strands can easily be curled with styling tools,  effortlessly straightened and coloured.

A multi-faced tinting system is used that makes the colour of the hair more natural it reflects different hues of the colour.

Strands of Love pride ourselves that we have more than 40 colours to choose from. These include piano highlights and ombre hair colours, to give you that natural look that blends in with the colours of your own natural hair colour.

We stock all the popular bonding techniques, namely seamless tape extensions, keratin bonded hair extensions, micro ring hair extensions, clip-ins and weaves / wefts

Doing what we LOVE and LOVING what we do!