Keratin & Micro Ring Extensions

Keratin bonded strands: 

We use Italian keratin which is very gentle on the hair. It melts without having to reach a high temperature so that the hair does not damage. Italian keratin is also stronger than most other keratin, thus the hair won’t slip out if the hair is cared for properly.

We use the I-tip shape so that each strand can be used either for keratin hair extensions or micro ring hair extensions.

Gently put the fusion iron on the I-tip, when installing each strand. The heat from the fusion iron will open the keratin bond so that it can melt into the hair. This melting process is harmless as the temperature is not high.

Our I-tip strands are 0.8g per strand.

Strand quantities needed:

  • Half a head: 50-75 strands
  • Full head: 100-125 strands
  • Celebrity head: 150+ strands

Keratin crystals are used to re-bond the hair every 2-3 months.

Micro ring Extensions:

We use I-tip pure keratin strands that fit perfectly into our micro rings.

Aluminium micro rings with a silicone lining on the inside wall is used which also protects your own hair.