Strands Of Love Hair Extensions Wefts Image

Natural Beaded Weft Extensions is the latest international trend and has also become very popular in South Africa.
Beaded row weft extensions are permanent, just like tape-ins, keratin and micro ring extensions. The natural hair is beaded against the scalp in rows and a weft is then sewn onto the beaded hair.

We offer machine wefts instead of hand-tied wefts as machine wefts are stronger, more secure and fuller when it comes to hair volume.
This means you get more hair for your money while getting the exact same look. Machine wefts also last much longer than hand-tied wefts.

Our weft stitching is extra fine so that the wefts are indetectable and super comfortable when installed

We train our stylist in the three most popular techniques to suit each client’s own hair:

  • Lock & Loop
  • Bead & Thread
  • Waterfall Pro

Each weft weighs 50g.
Two wefts (100g) are equivalent to a full head and 3 wefts (150g) are equivalent to a celeb head.
Our wefts are 50cm in length.

Mini wefts (35cm) are available in #1 black, #1b, soft black, #2 dark brown and #4 natural brown.
Other colours in mini lengths can be placed as a custom order.

We stock wefts (50cm) in the most popular colours:
#1 Black, #1b Soft Warm Black, #2 Chocolate Brown, #4 Warm Hazel Brown, #Silver platinum, #60 Golden platinum, #Silver/7 highlight, #60/10 highlight, #4/8/20 hazel highlight etc.

Natural beaded wefts have never looked this seamless and this good!

Contact us for the details of the closest salon in your area where you can get Strands of Love wefts installed.