Strands Of Love Hair Extensions Wefts Image

Natural Beaded Weft Extensions is the latest international trend and has also become very popular in South Africa.
Beaded row weft extensions are permanent, just like tape-ins, keratin and micro ring extensions. The natural hair is beaded against the scalp in rows and a weft is then sewn onto the beaded hair.

We offer machine wefts, handtied wefts and genius wefts.
Machine wefts are ideal for fuller, dense or very short hair. Handtied and Genius wefts are very fine, so ideal for finer hair.

Machine and Genius wefts can be cut to size, but not handtied wefts. Handtied wefts that are cut will raffle out of the stitching.

Our weft stitching is extra fine so that the wefts are undetectable and super comfortable when installed.

Each weft weighs 40g, 50g or 60g, depending on the length.

One weft (+/- 50g) is perfect to create volume but not length. 
Two wefts (+/-100g) are equivalent to a full head and 3 wefts (+/-150g) are equivalent to a celeb head.
Our wefts are 35cm, 45cm, 50cm and 55cm in length, depending on the weft type.


Handtied wefts are very delicate and fine. It is stitched together by hand so it makes it very unique.
Handtied cannot be cut to size but can easily be folded to create the customized width you would need. Four pieces come in one pack to form 1-2 rows that are stacked and sewn into the hair.


Machine wefts are the strongest of the wefts. The stitching is strong and can easily be cut to size. When cut, seal the ends with a light weight glue for extra security. The machine wefts are best to give the most volume. 1 Weft is 60cm in width and can be cut, stacked tand sewn into the hair to create the hidden bead method.


Genius wefts are the latest technology in wefts and are a combination between the 2 best techniques namely tape and weft.
The Genius weft has the extra fine stitching but with a thin layer of sealand so the weft can be cut to size without raffling. The Genius weft can also be stacked to create a fuller row when sewn into the beaded row.Contact us for the details of the closest salon in your area where you can get Strands of Love wefts installed.