Clip-In Hair Extensions

With clip-in hair extensions, the clips are sewn on to a weave to give you the flexibility of inserting and taking out the hair pieces when you desire. 

Clip-in hair extensions are perfect for brides, matric dances, photo shoots or simply for looking fabulous on a night out.

Our clip-in extensions come in sets of 5 pieces per set.

Each piece is measured to fit your head perfectly and should be positioned as such:

  • The first row is inserted just below your ears
  • The second row the same height as your ears
  • The longest row is inserted 2cm above your ear
  • The 2 pieces of 5cm each are inserted around the face area
  • Full head: 1 set of clip-ins (5 pieces, 120g)
  • Celebrity head: 2 sets of clip-ins (10 pieces, 240g)

Weight: Each clip-in weighs 120g which is the weight of a standard full head. If your own hair is below your shoulders and medium to thin, this amount of volume is perfect for a natural look.

Length: Our clip-ins are 50cm/ 20” long and are available in all the popular colours

The individual pieces can be sewn together so that the inserting time is reduced. This can be done by Strands of Love on special request, free of charge.