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SteamPlus Professional Steam Iron - Black

R 2,199.00

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The innovative SteamPlus professional steam iron or flow straightener allows you to straighten your hair fast without the damage of regular irons. Steam water ions infiltrate into the hair core to lock in moisture and repair the hair cuticle, reducing frizz and dryness.

The continuous steam pressure of this unique tool, combined with its anodized ceramic plates, straightens and smooths the hair, locking in moisture to leave the hair feeling smooth and looking glossy.

SteamPlus is suitable for all hair types, even sensitive and curly hair. From straight styles to glamorous waves, the SteamPlus is designed to give you beautifully sleek and manageable locks. 

Use our Perfect Me, EIMI BB lotion heat protector with the SteamPlus for great results.

Fine hair: 150°

Medium hair: 180º

Course hair: 230º


Colour: Black


Information and specifications:

  • Titanium plates with a temperature setting of 150° to 230°
  • Detachable comb.
  • Smart LCD display with lock function.
  • 40ml water unit
  • Steam water ions infiltrate into the hair core to moisture and repair the hair cuticle.
  • SteamPlus reduce frizz and dryness.
  • Can be used on a daily basis
  • Easy to use
  • SteamPlus is suitable for all hair types.

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